Famagusta(Ammochostos/Gazimagusa)-Northern Cyprus

Once the world`s wealthiest city, present-day Famagusta (Ammochostos in Greek and Gazimagusa in Turkish) presents a somewhat depressing sight. Yet within the might fortifications that kept out the Turkish army for nearly a year, and amid the many derelict buildings, are true gems of Gothic architecture. Former magnificent churches have been destroyed or turned into mosques. South of the city lies deserted Varosha, once Cyprus`s biggest resort.

Virtually all of Famagusta`s major historic sites are found within the Old Town, surrounded by the Venetian fortifications. The best way to enter the city is through the Land Gate, leaving your car behind. The tourist information office is located by the gate. The city is not large: it is possible to explore it on foot.


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