Visiting North Cyprus

During your stay in North Cyprus you will find many things to see and do. As a nature lover, you may explore the orchids, endemic plants of Cyprus and its the endless beaches, observe protected turtles, its natural beauty which hosts many species of plants, and wild life, and experience the rural life unchanged for centuries, with the flavour of eco-tourism.

Tourist accommodation facilities offer different alternatives which cover the expectations of holidaymakers from all levels. Both luxury hotels, family businesses and in recent years boutique hotels and eco-tourism hotels provide you with different options. Swimming in clear waters of the Mediterranean, the rich buffet dinners, conventions and seminar halls, swimming pools, aqua park, green spaces integrated with the environment, recreational and entertainment activities, games of chance, facilities which were designed for your comfort have all kinds of opportunity for a relaxed holiday.

Each minute you spend in North Cyprus, which is the world`s hidden paradise from the westernmost village of Yesilirmak to the easternmost Apostolos Andreas Monastery, will give you an unforgettable holiday comfort. Northern Cyprus absolutely deserves the title, the pearl of the Mediterranean.


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