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Larnaca -Cyprus

Larnaca stands on the site of ancient Kition. It takes its name from the Greek larnax, meaning “ sarcophagus” (there were many ancient and medieval tombs in the district). The city has an international airport, a port, several interesting museums and a seaside promenade lined with numerous cafes and restaurants. The tourist zone has luxurious […]

Iskele(Trikomo)-Northern Cyprus

This small town lies close to the base of the Karpas peninsula. At its centre, right by the roundabout, stands the tiny Dominican Church of St James (Agios Iakovos). Intricately carved in stone, it resembles an encrusted jewellery box. At the western end of the town stands the two-aisled, single domed Church of Panagia Thetokos, […]

Karpasia (Karpass) Peninsula-Northern Cyprus

This long, rocky spit is the least developed part of the island, with sandy beaches on its north and south coast, and a scattering of historic Christian churches, including the monastery of Apostolos Andreas, which is awaiting restoration, to be funded by the UN and the EU. Known as Karpaz Yarimadasi (sometimes Karpas) to the […]


Limassol is a major centre of trade, business and tourism, and has the biggest harbour in southern Cyprus. It is probably the most fun-filled city on Cyprus in terms of the number of fairs and festivals held here. The year starts with a riotous carnival: May marks the Flower Festival: and September brings the famous […]


Paphos is the name given to the twin towns of Pano Paphos (Upper Paphos, known as the Old Town or Ktima by locals) and Nea Paphos or Kato Paphos (Lower Paphos). During the Byzantine era, when coastal towns were threatened by Arap raids, the town was moved inland to its present hilltop location. This is […]

Famagusta(Ammochostos/Gazimagusa)-Northern Cyprus

Once the world`s wealthiest city, present-day Famagusta (Ammochostos in Greek and Gazimagusa in Turkish) presents a somewhat depressing sight. Yet within the might fortifications that kept out the Turkish army for nearly a year, and amid the many derelict buildings, are true gems of Gothic architecture. Former magnificent churches have been destroyed or turned into […]

Nicosia Museum Guide-Cyprus

The Nicosia Municipality has marked International Museum Day by publishing a guide to 13 of the capitals` museums and other exhibitions within the walls. The Cyprus Archaeological Museum is also included.

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