The Noah’s Ark Deluxe Hotel & Casino-Northern Cyprus

Is currently under construction in the Bafra Tourism region of North Cyprus. Being built to world class standards the hotel’s superior service,  its casino and the rare natural beauty of its surroundings and historical sites along with all other qualities of any other European facility, makes it a destination that can cater to the needs […]


Golf Holidays in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has the perfect all year round climate for golf and fast emerging as a credible destination for golfers across Europe. Korineum Golf  & Country Club which opened in 2007 is the first 18 hole Championship standard golf course in Northern Cyprus. The spectacular backdrop of the Five Finger Mountains on one side and […]


Agrotourism in Cyprus

Biking and mountain biking , hiking on the plains or in the mountains. Winter sports, swimming, diving, snorkelling, waterskiing or sailing. Shooting, tennis, golf , horse riding, hang gliding or parachuting, angling or fishing-in Cyprus you can enjoy them all!


Flying the flag-Cyprus

More than 50 Cypriot beaches have received the thumbs up from an international body charged with vetting quality and safety.


Cyprus Tourism Revenue 2011

Cyprus`s tourism income spiked 53.5% in April, compared to the same period last year, to suggest the holiday island can look forward to a good summer.


Larnaca -Cyprus

Larnaca stands on the site of ancient Kition. It takes its name from the Greek larnax, meaning “ sarcophagus” (there were many ancient and medieval tombs in the district). The city has an international airport, a port, several interesting museums and a seaside promenade lined with numerous cafes and restaurants. The tourist zone has luxurious […]


Iskele(Trikomo)-Northern Cyprus

This small town lies close to the base of the Karpas peninsula. At its centre, right by the roundabout, stands the tiny Dominican Church of St James (Agios Iakovos). Intricately carved in stone, it resembles an encrusted jewellery box. At the western end of the town stands the two-aisled, single domed Church of Panagia Thetokos, […]


Karpasia (Karpass) Peninsula-Northern Cyprus

This long, rocky spit is the least developed part of the island, with sandy beaches on its north and south coast, and a scattering of historic Christian churches, including the monastery of Apostolos Andreas, which is awaiting restoration, to be funded by the UN and the EU. Known as Karpaz Yarimadasi (sometimes Karpas) to the […]



Limassol is a major centre of trade, business and tourism, and has the biggest harbour in southern Cyprus. It is probably the most fun-filled city on Cyprus in terms of the number of fairs and festivals held here. The year starts with a riotous carnival: May marks the Flower Festival: and September brings the famous […]



Paphos is the name given to the twin towns of Pano Paphos (Upper Paphos, known as the Old Town or Ktima by locals) and Nea Paphos or Kato Paphos (Lower Paphos). During the Byzantine era, when coastal towns were threatened by Arap raids, the town was moved inland to its present hilltop location. This is […]


North Cyprus Time

North Cyprus is normally two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time(GMT), and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time(EST).

North Cyprus Language

The Official language is Turkish but English is widely used and understood by locals.

North Cyprus Weather

The island enjoys an intense Mediteterranean climate with long,warm and dry summers from mid-May to mid-October.The winters are mild and sometimes rainy,lasting from december to February.Summers and winters in cyprus are separeted by short autumn and spring season.

North Cyprus Currency

The Official Currency is Turkish Lira(TL) however Euro,Dollars and English Sterling is highly accepted.

North Cyprus Traffic

In North Cyprus traffic flows on the left,the traffic signs are international and seat bells must be worn.Maximum speed is 100 KM/hr and vehicles entering North Cyprus must be insured upon arrival.

North Cyprus Telephone

The code for Northern Cyprus is 00 90 followed by 392 and Cypriot number for land lines or followed by 533 or 532 and cypriot number for mobile numbers.Public Telephone booths are available and telephone cards can be purchesed from the telecommunication Offices.

Public Transport

A good, inexoensive network of busses and mini-busses operates between all the main towns in addition there are shared Taxi's operating on the same routes.Taxis are widely available and they do carry meters.


A wide range of accommodation is offered,ranging from 5 star hotels,Hotel-bangalows,Hotel-Apertments to Camping and Selft Catering Apertments and Villas.

Car Rentals

This service is available in all main towns and large hotels.A valid Bristh or International Driving Licence is required.Rental cars have red number plates.


A large selection of restaurants exists, ranging from traditional cuisine to fashionable French Chinese and Indian Cuisine Resturants.


Nightlife has something for everyone.Cities like Lefkosa , Girne and Gazimagusa constitute a happening nightlife in cyprus.The bars and discos come alive and play host to grand parties and a lively band of party hoppers.
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